Characteristics of Creative Thinkers

Creative people have many characteristics in common:1,2,3,4

  1. Originality: Creative thinkers always come up with original ideas even if they did not think of them from scratch.
  2. Independency: They also like to be independent and autonomous. This is also the reason why they need more alone time.
  3. Risk-taking: They are more willing to take risks than other people as they think of them as a way to learn and experience new different things.
  4. High energy: Being highly energetic and passionate, creative thinkers have also the ability to remain focused on their goals while having a wide range of interests.
  5. Curiosity: This characteristic is what makes them explore new things and ways to learn.
  6. Sense of humor: They tend to find comicality and fun in situations that do not seem humorous.
  7. Fantasy: They are more confident using their imagination to figure out a solution.
  8. Attracted to complexity: Being expected to have an answer to everything, creatives are highly attracted to think about complex problems.
  9. Artistic: Creativity and imagination are the keys to being artistic.
  10. Open-mindedness: Creative people are open to new knowledge and experiences.
  11. Thorough: They give things a lot of thought, as they think things through until they reach the end, although it does not seem so.
  12. Perceptive: Creatives think and perceive with their whole existence!
  13. Emotional: It is quite common for creative thinkers to be more sensitive as they are taught to take emotions out of their decisions, but this does not prevent them from being happy and joyful. They are also aesthetically reactive because of their sensitivity to beauty.
  14. Good communication skills: Creative people are uninhibited in expressing their opinion being straightforward and quite confident especially with verbally speaking.
  15. Ethical: As they think of the connections and consequences related to an activity, they know that unethical activities have an impact.
  16. Nonconforming: They are usually characterized as ‘different’ because of their ‘out-of-the-box’ way of thinking, and often described as individualistic, but they do not fear to be classified as such.
  17. Productive: They simply like to get things done.
  18. Extroverted AND Introverted: Creative people often combine these two types of personality.
  19. Proud but modest: Mostly because of their high aspiration level for themselves, creatives tend to be proud of their achievements. However, they highly respect other people’s work and influence and thus they are aware of their place.
  20. Flexibility: Being able to adapt to new situations is a basic trait of creative people.



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