How to increase your creativity

Creativity is not something that you either have it or not. There are many ways that can help you boost your creative thinking, such as:

  1. Commit yourself to developing your creativity: Set goals and devote yourself to them. Think about putting every day some time aside to achieve them.2
  2. Become an expert: Boost your creativity by increase your expertise on an area. Having a deep understanding of a subject can help you think of original ideas.2
  3. Practice pattern recognition: Search for patterns in what you observe is what can foster your creativity.1
  4. Pick up a musical instrument: This might seem irrelevant, but musical instruments can help you coordinate your mind and body as you start internalizing the basic movements. Besides, the strong connection between creativity and practicing music has been demonstrated among many famous figures.1
  5. Play chess: Chess has many repeatable patterns that lead you to creative maneuvers.1
  6. Exercise: The average person sits 7-15 hours a day, which itself has a terrible impact to one’s mood and health.3 Physical activity is directly connected with fostered cognitive processing.1
  7. Drawings and photography: In general, the ability to produce representations of what you see as you do in drawings and getting involved in arts like photography are of the most creative activities.1
  8. Do Nothing: Dealing with too much information might be an obstacle to your productivity and thus creativity. Knowing when to relax can help you continue a task fueling your creative capacity.1
  9. Reward your curiosity: Rewarding yourself provides you drive and serves as intrinsic motivation. Besides, the reward of a creative thinker is the process and not the result.2
  10. Build your confidence: Insecurity is a crucial factor that might suppress your creativity. In order to boost your confidence, make sure you monitor your progress and the effort you have made and don’t forget to reward your achievements. This will also help you to fight your fear to failure.2
  11. Brainstorm to inspire new ideas: Brainstorming has proved to be a powerful tool in increasing one’s creativity. You can start this technique with self-criticism and then begin writing down as many ideas as possible in a short span of time. What is next, try to clarify your ideas to come up with the best choice. This is actually your creativity process where you can track all your ideas.2
  12. Create a mind map and a flow chart: On the one hand, a mind map is a way to connect all your thoughts and ideas in order to find the answers you seek. Your map shall begin with a central topic or word that represents your many idea or problem. Then, link any ideas that come up around that topic. This method results in you seeing how your ideas are linked. On the other hand, a flow chart will help you track how a project performs from A to Z, including various paths or sequences, and visualize your final solution.2
  13. Try the ‘Six Hats’ technique: According to this method, you examine a problem from six different aspects in order to produce more ideas. The six hats entail your perspectives and those are:2,3,4
    • Red hat: Look at the problem emotionally. What do your feelings tell you?
    • White hat: Now look at it objectively. Are there any facts?
    • Yellow hat: Look at the problem from a positive aspect. Which parts will work better?
    • Black hat: Now look at it from a negative aspect. What can go wrong?
    • Green hat: Activate your imagination and think about possibilities. Are there any alternative solutions?
    • Blue hat: Open your perspectives. Which is the best solution?
  14. Try the snowball technique: According to this technique, when an idea you generated for a project is not appropriate for what you are working on, set it aside so you can implement it later or even in a future project.2
  15. Learn through collaboration: Collaborating with others can help you learn from them and fulfill your curiosity. Next, curiosity will certainly lead you to being creative. Besides, asking your peers for feedback is not a sign of weakness as every person has a unique set of skills and knowledge.3
  16. Find inspiration from other industries: Of course, copying your competitor’s ideas will not lead you to an innovative solution. However, you should look for innovation in different niches and take inspiration from them in order to boost your creativity.3



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