Innovation is currently one of the top strategic pillars of business, economic and social growth. Together with increasing interest in innovation of organisations across industries, a need for people that will lead and enable innovation is rising significantly across all sectors and organisational departments. Research looking to define what makes people innovative shows that tools and skills in specific areas are not enough. It is a proper mindset that allows us to use the tools and skills effectively and accomplish tasks in the scope of innovation.

Innovative mindset:

  • Allows us to undertake extreme challenges with enthusiasm and give us the opportunity to reach seemingly impossible objectives rather than giving up in face of difficult circumstances,
  • Allows us to jump in and keep going despite uncertainty and/or partial lack of information,
  • Allows us to keep integrity though ups and downs and keep going when things get challenging,
  • Allows us to appreciate journey to the destination even if the assumed target will not be met,
  • Allows us to combine ideas from different sources and integrate groups to generate meaningful innovation.

So what the mindset is?

Mindset is what takes place in our head. While our mind is constantly monitoring and interpreting, mindset is the frame that guides the interpretation process.


It is the set of beliefs that will determine how we see every information, situation or person. It is the lens through which we see the world surrounding us and evaluate our lives and us as people (3).