Logical thinking helps you  determine the truth, come to a conclusion and solve problems, and finally make good decisions.Logic is a tool, free of emotion that helps you  develop reasonable conclusions based on  based on facts.

Logic deals with information in its purest form.

The word “logic” comes from the Ancient Greek word Λογική, Logikḗ, originally meaning “the word” or “what is spoken” but coming to mean “thought” or “reason”.

Logical thinkers have cultivating and intellectual habits, they are able to observe and analyze phenomena, they pay attention to details to reactions, and to feedback they gather facts and then draw conclusions based on input. They can also justify their strategies and  actions if this is necessary.

This means that logical thinking is sequential thinking, following a train of thoughts, based on causes and consequences, interpreting certain prevalent conditions and then predicting what will happen if the same conditions continue to prevail, so we could say that If this happens, then that will happen.

Logical thinking is the ability of an individual to think clearly and rationally in a disciplined manner and  identify, analyse and solve problems systematically.
base on thoughts on facts and evidence.

Very simply, logical thinking skills mean incorporating logic into one’s thinking and  thinking about things in certain ways in order to come up with the best possible solution
Logical thinking skills require a progressive analysis, and decision making based on factual data for example, by examining all available options, using facts and figures, and making important decisions based on positives and negatives and do not take into account the elements of feelings and emotions.

For example, if a person stands at a curb and there is a car approaching, his life literally depends on whether he is able to think logically or not. If he can, he will understand that he must wait for the car to pass, otherwise it will run him over. On the other hand if the driver is able to think logically, he would probably slowdown.

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