A human being has five senses (otherwise known as sensory organs or receptors). These are organs adapted to receiving stimuli, enabling the collection of various signals coming from the outside world by a human being. The awareness of the stimulus acting on the senses is called an impression(Szewczyk, 2002). Depending on how we receive stimuli, we can divide the impressionsinto generalor sensory. The first ones are obtained through nerve endings, located on the surface of the entire human body. They may be associated with pain, muscle activity, temperature, etc. The second ones, are obtained by means of specific senses:

  1. sight,
  2. hearing,
  3. smell,
  4. touch,

Additionally, proprioception (the kinaesthetic sense) is sometimes included in this classification, yet not universally applicable (Mitchinson, 2008; Szewczyk, 2002).